Wie Bashiok in einem Beitrag im Battle.net Forum erklärt hat, wird man in Diablo 3 bereits mit Level 60 das Levelcap erreicht haben. Im Gegensatz zum Vorgänger Diablo 2, bei dem man seinen Charakter mit endlos vielen Baal Runs bis 99 Leveln konnte, soll im dritten Teil der Grind abgeschafft werden. Mit den Durchspielen der drei Schwierigkeitsgrade soll das Maximal-Level erreicht werden und der Spieler kann sich von da an auf die Item-Jagd und das erreichen von Achievments konzentrieren.

[…] So, we’re working with a lower level cap for a myriad of reasons but really the main point that they’re more or less all linked to is that we came to the conclusion that a cap of 99 exists for the sake of itself. Meaning that it’s a really high number despite all sorts of good things like meaningful player/skill/power pacing, item distribution, balance, etc. It’s sort of this long term goal that really didn’t matter, almost an Achievement without the flashy graphics or *bwong* sound. You didn’t need to reach 99 to do anything, in almost all ways the game stopped somewhere in the 80’s (for a lot of people a lot lower), but by stretching the player out over an additional 20 or so levels to 99 it created all sorts of issues we were having problems justifying forcing the game in to. So we’re working with a level cap of 60 at the moment. […]

The leveling experience is always going to stop somewhere because the real game is the item hunt. So, instead of letting it drag out to a less meaningful 80 or so levels like most people saw in Diablo II, we have 60 levels of awesome; at every level you’ll get a meaningful and noticeable increase in power. It has a ton of other benefits and fixes a lot of problems a higher cap causes, but I’ll take pause. (Quelle)